Amr Diab in Tamer Hosny`s Page? Comments Service!

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  • Amr Diab in Tamer Hosny`s Page? Comments Service!
    7/14/2008 8:03:32 PM

    Last couple of weeks didn`t pass so easy. Lots of work and lots of albums coming out..But the remarkable thing was the way members use the comment service, it`s terrible!

    Originally, we made the comments feature so that you can talk to your beloved artists and say what you think about the songs. We created rules so members make sure their comments are clean and not containing bad words or insults, and we started banning those who don`t abide by those rules from entering Nogomi.

    One recent example was what happend in Tamer Hosny`s page, to set a record of more than 100 pages of comments, after deleting at least half of them!. Most of the comments weren`t actually talking about Tamer. Others were not making any sense! thnxxx and yeaaa and okkk!!!

    We urge all our members to stick to the rules and to use the comment service the right way. PLEASE NO REQUESTS, NO COMPLAINS, NO BAD WORDS, NO LINKS. If anybody would like to talk to us or wants help with something, go to (Contact Us). We are strictly applying these rules and banning those who ignore them.

    Spend some time on listening to what Tamer Hosny himself said about Amr Diab on an interview on Nogoum FM radio station in 2007 - Download Here (560KB)