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  • Write down your question here and we will answer it faster.

  • Question: I cant login, why?
    1: Are you a member?
    2: Did you follow our rules?
    3: Did you activate your account?
    4: Are you typing correct login information?

    If "Yes" on all, than contact us at contact(at)

    Question: How can I activate my account?
    Answer: After your registration on, we will send you a link to your email, click on the link to activate your account.

    Question: I havent received any activation email from you.
    Answer: Follow this step:

    1: Allow up to 1 hour to get it.
    2: Check your Junk mail.
    3: Use "Forgot My Password" under login form.
    4: Still nothing? Contact us...

    Question: Can you please upload this song?
    Answer: We are not answering question like this, please use the forum to request songs or videos.

    Question: I want to advertise on
    Answer: Please contact us what you want, place, banner type and your budget.

    Question: How many account can I have?
    Answer: Only 1 account.

    Question: How to download a song?
    Answer: You have to be logged in, right click on the song title and type "Save As".

    Question: Why is the download so slow?
    Answer: There are many members who are downloading at the same time, maybee you can try download later.

    Question: Why should I activate my account?
    Answer: To make sure that nobody is using faked emails.

    Question: Can I change my username?
    Answer: No, you cant.

    Question: My password was reseted, how can i change it?
    Answer: Please follow these steps to renew your password:

    1: Login; Fill in your username and password and click Login.

    2: Type your email address, it has to be the same e-mail you entered when you registered on

    3: Type the new password in the both fields.

    4: Click on "Change My Password And Login".

    Question: I have some lyrics and biograpy to songs and artists, how can i send them?
    Answer: You can send them to contact(at)

    Question: The site design is looking weird for me, why?
    Answer: There are many browser to use, and table, div and many other things will be different, for example in Firefox. is recomended for Internet Explorer.

    Question: I cant activate my account, I have visited the activation page but it still tell me that my account is not activated when i try to login.
    Answer: Inside this activation link, there are a link with the text "Activate My Account".

    You have to click on this link to activate your account.

    Question: I want to change my password.
    Answer: You can change your password by yourself in edit page when you are logged in.

    Question: What is the download limit?
    Answer: Free Limit.

    Question: I am sure i have typed correct username, password and my account is activated. Still i cant login, why?
    Answer: Are you sure you have followed our rules?
    You cant use character like !"#% etc.
    In this case, you have to contact us to delete your account so you can re-sign up again.

    Question: I dont need to register for downloading, why should i register?
    Answer: You can do many other things like:

    Rate a song.
    Write comments.
    Upload Gallery.
    Upload Wallper etc!

    Question: I have sent you a mail, because i need help, but you do not answering me.
    Answer: We receive many mails every day.
    Answers that can be found here under FAQ will not be answered.

    Question: I am wondering, what artist do you on like?
    Answer: We are a very big Fan of Amr Diab.
    We do respect and love Amr Diab always.

    Question: The site looks very weird for me?
    Answer: The site is best viewed with IE 7 or higher or Google Chrome.

    If you cant find your answer here, please contact us to contact(at)