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       Marwan Khoury

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  • Marwan Khoury is a Lebanese artist. A singer, writer, composer, arranger and producer. His work has been nationally, regionally and internationally performed and adapted by various famous artists.
    In 1986, he enrolled at the Université Saint-Esprit de Kaslik (USEK) in Lebanon where he studied Piano, Musicology and Music History. During his studying years in USEK, Marwan acclaimed many prizes including Best Song Composition, an award presented by the President of the Lebanese Republic.
    Before and along his studies in the University he worked as a keyboard player and as a band conductor with many big bands and artists and music shows.
    In 1996 released his first single Fik Yamma Balak (بلاك يما فيك). A song helped to establish Marwan as a writer, composer and a singer. In 1997 released another hit single Lasbor Ala Welah (ويله على لصبر). But not till 1999 his career as a writer and composer took off when he composed the hit singles Tia (تيا) and Dalouna (دلعونة) for Nawal Zoghby. Then the year 2001 came along and with it Marwan launched his first official album Khayal Al Omer (العمر خيّال). The very next year, he shot his first music video for the album’s hit song Ya Shog (شوق يا).
    Throughout his career Marwan has been 4 times awarded by the Murex D’Or and by numerous other Local and regional rewards : The Murex includes Best Composer of 2003. Best Multi-Talented Artist, 2004. Best Song – Ya Rab (رب يا), 2007. Best Song – Bitmoun (بتمون), 2008.
    In 2004, He landed a five-year contract with the major production company, Rotana . He released his first major album Kil Al Asayed (القصايد كل) on that particular year. An album as all other the artist’s work was written and composed by the artist himself. The album and the title song were a major hit and their popularity spread fast in Lebanon and the Arab World. It was one of the best selling albums.
    He produced 3 music videos from Kil Al Asayed (القصايد كل) album with his brother and the director Claude Khoury.
    In 2005 was his first huge successful appearance in the very prestigious Cartage International Festival of Tunisia. Another successful appearance to be followed in 2008.
    In2006 released a second album with Rotana entitled Asr Al Sho´ (الشوق قصر). An album that was produced totally by Marwan Khoury. The album was a best selling as well and it further established Marwan as a true, unique and consistent artist.
    In 2007 he appeared in the very prestigious and highly important music place and event  in the Arab world, the Opera House of Egypt part of the Arab Music Festival. The success and the acknowledgments of the critics as well  made him a second successful appearance in 2008.
    In 2008 Ana Willeil (والليل انا) the third album with Rotana to be released. In addition for writing and composing the album He cooperated for the first time with Danny Khoury in arranging the whole Album after the arranger’s big thump work in Ya Rab (رب يا). The album made huge selling numbers and dominated all the Lebanese and Arab charts.

    Marwan Khoury is considered one of the most respected Lebanese and Arab artist. His successful live performances at the Opera House of Egypt and Cartage Festival of Tunisia and many others are a great proof and immense witness.


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  • English Font & Translation Ya habibi b’layl mbare7, ma 7kitellak shou sar My love, I didn’t tell you what happened last night Lamma ttalla3t 3layi, 3younak alet asrar When you looked at me, you eyes whispered secrets Sahharni el shaw2 el jare7, nater ta ytoll nhar And wounding passion kept me awake, waiting for dawn Ya habib el alb bhebbak, ana aktar ma btetsawwar My dearest, I love you more than you can imagine Wa7yatak la tet3ajjab, yimkin hal hob m2addar And don’t be surprised, this love is maybe our fate Yimkin netla2a m2addar, ne3sha2 men awwal nazra We might meet by chance and fall in love with the first sight Ya habibi dallak haddi, khallik el 3omr b’orbi My love, stay with me, by my side, my whole life Ya habibi hawn mkhaddi berdani b’layl el ghorbi My love, my pillow is cold in the lonely nights Daf...

    Lail Mbareh
    By : marwan khoury

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