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       Maher Zain

(789 Fans)
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     Total Fans: 789
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    I pray to God
    With my heart, soul and body
    Every single day of my life
    With every breath I solemnly promise
    To try to live my life for you
    O Allah, You did revive my soul
    And shone Your light into my heart
    So pleasing You is now my only goal
    Oh I love You so
    I love You so

    Now I know how it’s like
    To have Your precious love in my life
    Now I know how it feels
    To finally be at peace inside
    I wish that everybody knew
    How amazing it feels to love You
    I wish that everyone could see
    How Your love has set me free
    Set me free and made me strong

    O Allah, I’m forever grateful to You
    Whatever I say could never be enough
    You gave me strength to overcome my uncertainties
    And stand firm against al...

    I Love You So
    By : Maher Zain, Bara Kherigi & Bilal Hajji

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