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       Maher Zain

(791 Fans)
  • We fully respect the work spent on this album. The purpose of placing it on the website is to let people get to know Islam better.
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     Total Fans: 791
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  • English Font Look around yourselves Can’t you see this wonder Spread in front of you The clouds floating by The skies are clear and blue Planets in the orbits The moon and the sun Such perfect harmony Let’s start question in ourselves Isn’t this proof enough for us Or are we so blind To push it all aside.. No.. We just have to Open our eyes, our hearts, and minds If we just look bright to see the signs We can’t keep hiding from the truth Let it take us by surprise Take us in the best way (Allah..) Guide us every single day.. (Allah..) Keep us close to You Until the end of time.. Look inside yourselves Such a perfect order Hiding in yourselves Running in your veins What about anger love and pain And all the things you’re feeling Can you touch them with your hand? So are they really the...

    Open Your Eyes

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