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  • Somaya Darwish, alias Somaya, is an Egyptian upcoming pop singer who was born on April 4th, 1989, in Cairo, Egypt.

    She started her career when she was only 17. Her debut album featured songs with different musical styles of Egypt, including Pop, Shaabi, Tarrab Fusions and many others. In August 2009, she released her new album entitled Mesh Sahla.

    After releasing her great album Baet Betwahashny, her image and musical style became connected to Sherine, to be even nicknamed as Sherines Copy Cat, but Somaya denied all talks, stating that she had her own style and that she was not Sherines copy.

    Anyway, Somaya has proved her being different from Sherine with her two albums which dont have to do so much with Sherines work.

    Similarity between the voices of both singers cannot be denied, but Somayas musical style, especially in her second album is much more distinguished from Sherines work.


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  • Arabic font لا لا لا انا ايه اللى جرالى لا لا لا بعد ماقلهالى لا لا لا انا ايه اللى جرالى لا لا لا بعد ماقلهالى حسيت بيه اتغير حالى اول ماشفت عينيه لا لا لا و&...

    Ha3esh Ba2a
    By : Abd El Men3em Taha

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