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    full name: Latifa Al Arfawy
    assumed name: Latifa
    birth: February 14th 1965
    horoscope: Aquarius
    place: Tunisia
    nationality: Tunisian
    work: Singer

    Latifa Bent Aleya Al Arfawy, born in Tunisia on February 14th, was from a middle class family. Her real chance to sing came during her preparatory and secondary studies in Al Khazendar School when her teacher encouraged her to sing alongside other big talents like Osama Farahat. While she was performing with her brother and Farahat, luck came knocking on her door as she met the famous Tunisian singer Aly Al-Sareytey. The well-known singer decided to adopt Latifas talent and give her music lessons and teach her how to play the Oud.

    In 1978, Latifa won best singer in Nady Al Mawaheb. Then the Tunisian Ministry of Culture chose her to represent Tunisia in the Third Arab Festival for Youth in Iraq. This was just the beginning as she later became accustomed to representing her country in festivals. Afterwards she enrolled in the Faculty of Humanitarian Science - AKA Faculty of Arts - German Department, in Tunisia, for a year and a half before she joined the Higher Institute for Arabic Music in Cairo and graduated with honors. Latifa is currently putting the final touches on her Masters Degree thesis.

    Her first single that invaded the Egyptian markets was "Andak Shak fe Eh." This successful album was followed by "Aktar Men Rohey Bahebak" which was the first time for Latifa to work with Amar El Sherei. The third album "Bel Akl Kedah" was no different than the previous two as it was also a big hit. In 1993 "Baheb Fe Gharamak" invaded the markets and helped the singer make herself better known.

    Then came the album "Ana Matnesesh" which was also another step for the young singer towards further invading both the Arab and Egyptian markets in 1994. The following year came and Latifa was ready with her album "Akheran." In 1996, the singer decided to work with Kazem El Saher who contributed to the album "Ma Wahashtaksh" as a composer.

    "Al Ghenwa" was the name of the next album in 1997 and it witnessed renewed cooperation between the Tunisian singer and the famous composer Amar El Sherei. Then in 1998, "Telomny El Donya" was released and was followed by the album "Wadeh" in 1999 and brought with it further success to the singer.

    In 2001 Latifa invaded the silver screen with the International director Youssef Chahine in Sokout Hansawar and released the soundtrack for the music lovers. The Tunisian singers latest achievement is performing "Hokm El Reyan" in the theater. As for her latest album "Matrohsh Beed", it was an immediate success once it hit the markets. Thats not all though; the song won the singer the World Music Awards this year!


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