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       Hussein El Jasmy

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  • Date of birth: 25 August 1979
    United Arab of Emirates

    The Beginning
    Hussain Al Jassmi, the Emirate artist, started his artistic career after being launched by the TV program Layali Dubai during the Dubai Shopping Festival in 1997-1998 scoring first in the Gulf world and second in the Arab world.
    A Childhood Dream
    Since his childhood, Hussain Al Jassmi only dream was to have his own songs and to present his albums full of emotions in front of an audience this dream got realized and this talented fellow became a star since his beginning.
    Hussain Al Jassmi presented three official albums of his own personal songs that proved an international success in different Arab countries these albums were released in the years 2002, 2004 and 2006 in the years 2007, he presented an album titled Ihtart Aabar which entailed 14 songs from the best personal songs that he performed in drama, television and movie works, as well as in national and private events.
    At the end of 2009, Al Jassmi launched his fourth official album Al-Jassmi 2010 which Rotana Company titled (10 years of success), a culmination of his artistic journey that lasted 10 years with this company.
    Hussain Al Jassmi has also filmed 2 songs in video clips, the first being from his album bawada3ak and the other one Ya Sighr el Farah from his second album. Both works were directed by Ahmad Mehdi. During 2010, he will be getting ready to film one of the songs from his new album preserving the concept he had started and that is to present a social theme through his video clips.
    His photographs were very distinguished ones designed by Max Cardelli who shot a number of photographs for him in England. These photos decorated his album covers Al Jassmi 2006 and his recent ones Al Jassmi 2010.
    In addition to his talent as a singer, Hussain Al-Jassmi proved to be a special composer even though his compositions were very scarce. One of the remarkable works that he has dedicated to his co-stars was his song mashkalni for the artist Rashed El Majed and another one Aandi Soual for the artist Abdallah el Rouwayshed.
    He also cooperated with a number of stars and composed his own works one of which famously known as Fakadtek and W ma Yeswa and his new album songs Wajad Kalbi, Al Taj and Al Maw9id, in addition to his writing a number of songs.
    Moments of Pride
    His ride in the music world is unique. Al Jassmi considers his singing in the presence of his Excellency the late Sheik Zayed Bin Sultan Al-Nahyan in the March For Love and Loyalty his first success. His first song from the lyrics of the late prince gave him great fame and was the cornerstone for coming success through participating in festivals in the Gulf and all over the Arab World.
    - Layaly Dubai within Dubai Shopping Festival
    - Dubai Summer within the Surprises of Dubai Summer Festival
    - National Festival of Abu Dhabi
    - Muscat Festival and Fall Festival in Sultanate of Oman
    - Doha Festival in Qatar
    - Hala February in Kuwait
    - Jedda Different Festival and Abha Festival in KSA
    - Jarash Cultural Festival in Jordan
    - International Kartaj Festival in Tunisia
    - Casa Musica Festival in Casablanca, Morocco (with 262,000 audience)
    - Timekad Festival in Algiers.
    In addition to several Festivals in Bahrain, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt. Hussain Al Jassmi is the first Arab artist to sing in the famous Lido Hall in Paris, and has appeared on other theaters in Paris, London, Cannes, Geneva and Marbella.
    In 2009, Hussain Al Jassmi participated in many public concerts and a series of huge festivals among which was his unique participation in MAWAZEEN festival under the title of World Rhythms where he was the only Gulf artist with a group of world stars in this huge artistic movement that was sponsored by the Moroccan King.
    He also participated in Layali Febrayerin Kuwait where he attended as a guest of honour in the international celebration of the Palestinian commissariat in Paris which was held with the participation of the world stars to support the children of Gaza. Al Jassmi was also the star of the national festival for the Moroccan song, which was held by the union of the Moroccan artists in the Moroccan Marrakesh.
    One of his important participation was when hussain Al Jassmi acted as a representative on behalf of the Emirati artists in the huge festival that was held on the occasion of the 40th memorial of Al Fattih Revolution in Libya in September in the presence of the Libyan Leader Moammar Al KaZafi.
    In addition to the Arab and world festivals, Al Jassmi has participated in many local events throughout the year 2009 whereby he concluded the third season for the festival of Shaer Al Malyon on Abu-Dhabi TV, he also has participated in the end festival of The Almeedan program sponsored by his highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohamad Al Maktoum the crown prince of Dubai , as he also participated in the operetta Sittoun Men Zahab for Sakr el Arab to honour his Excellency Sheikh Sakr El Nouaimy ruler of The Ras El Khaima Emirate.
    Hussain Al Jassmi came as a guest in the opening of the new season of Najm El Khaleej Program on Dubai TV. In 2009, Hussain AL Jassmi shared the people in his homeland their happiness on the occasion of the UAE 38th National Day as he performed in 3 festivals respectively Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Zayed City Each year, Hussain Al Jassmi visits and supports the special needs students all over the Arab world who occupy special place in his heart.
    In 2010:
    The United Nations nominated the singer Hussain Al Jassmi to become The Goodwill Ambassador under the sponsorship of IIMSAM: World Food Organization. He is the first Emirati to be chosen by this organization and the nomination happened in one of the ceremonies of Layali Febrayer in Kuwait in 2010.
    The General Manager of the Sharjah Police, Major General Hamid Mohamad Al Hadidi received Hussain Al Jassmi at the Sharjah Police General Headquarters in the United Arab Emirates and congratulated him for gaining the position of The Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations.
    In 2010, Al Jassmi won the first rank in the Best Gulf Singer section which was posted in the most known and famous magazine in the Gulf and the Arab world, Zahrat Al Khalij.
    Al Jassmi won the award of the best Arab album for 2009 throughout the annual referendum that ART had initiated at the beginning of 2010.
    The Emirati Goodwill Ambassador, the singer Al Jassmi was invited to a fancy dinner that the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas or Abou Mazen threw in Cairo in the purpose of honoring some of the Egyptian singers and supporting the Palestinian case.
    Hussain Al Jassmi ended season 5 of Taratata program 2010 that was broadcasted on Dubai international channel. He participated in the episode before last which summarizes his appearances for this season twice in two different episodes.
    Al Jassmi presented the ending of the program Gulf Star or Najm El Khaleej -season 4, 2010 and announced the winner of the first rank.
    The Emirati Goodwill Ambassador Hussain Al Jassmi was the spotlight at the opening night of MBC Drama channel which was designated for the assembly of all Arab singers.
    The biggest surprise the channel administration offered was Al Jassmi singing in Armani hotel in Dubai that is located in the longest tower in the world, Khalifa tower.
    Al Jassmi was the first to sing there among all the stars from all over the Arab world.
    Hussain Al Jassmi was invited by the Yemeni president Ali Abdallah Saleh to present the Gulf singers in the Gulf sports ceremony in Stad stadium on May 22 in Adan. He performed the song Khaliji 20 for the ending of the Gulf Cup in front of an audience which exceeded 35 thousand viewers.
    The Emirati Goodwill Ambassador Hussain Al Jassmi participated in the 39th Emirati National Day where he performed in two live concerts in Abu Dhabi and Al Fujairah and had a part in operetta Khalifa Wal Watan on Cornish Abu Dhabi.
    Al Jassmi ended his 2010 events in Abu Dhabi by performing an event in the Emirates Palace Hotel, acting as the advertising figure for the company DU specialized in the communication field in the Emirates, and that would be his second event with them after having the first one in Dubai.
    In the year 2011:
    - His Excellency, Minister of Health, Dr. Hani Hassan Ali Qasem, decorated the Emirati artist Hussain Al Jassmi for his participation in the health campaign for the Cancer World Day (breast Cancer and prostate campaign) and for spreading awareness in the community about the dangers of this disease, through the adopted campaign that the UAE Ministry of Health has organized and coordinated with the Rahbani Studios in Dubai managed by the Lebanese artist Marwan El Rahbani, and in the presence of a large number of press and media specialized figures and international health organizations.
    - After the great confidence gained on behalf of IINSAM organization of the United Nations, appointing him the Ambassador of Goodwill in 2009, and after the many humanitarian acts he initiated in helping the community, IINSAM, the international organization and member of the UN, operating under the umbrella of the World Food Organization for using the micro-algae Spirulina to fight malnutrition, announced the promotion and elevation of the Emirati artist Hussain Al Jassmi, Ambassador of Goodwill to the position of Ambassador at Large for the Gulf and Arab region to become the first Arab and Emirati gaining this title.
    - Among the humanitarian tasks that fall under his responsibility being the Ambassador of Goodwill at Large, the artist Hussain Al Jassmi launched a new special song, through which he contributes to spread awareness among members of the Gulf and Arab community to combat drug addiction. This song titled Yakfi Ta9ibt (Enough, am tired) is in cooperation with the distinguished Emirati Poet Ghayahib who wrote the lyrics. The music of that song was done by Al-Hassass, whereas its distribution was achieved by the Egyptian maestro Walid Fayed.
    - The General Directorate of Drug Control in the Dubai Police and through a press release that was distributed to the press and media within a special permit by major General Abdul Jalil Mahdi Mohamad Asmawi, Director of the Anti-Narcotics General of Dubai, praised the Emirati artist Hussain Al Jassmi, describing his initiative in offering and singing the song Yakfi Ta9ibt that tells about the harms caused by drug intake, as the good work for his initiative reflected its sense of national issues and social security especially towards youngsters who were involved in drug abuse, considering that this matter is not new to him since the artist has been known for his initiatives that aim to protect the citizens in the country.
    - His Excellency General Khamis Matar Al Mazeineh, The Vice General leader of Dubai police, honored the artist Hussain Al Jassmi for his cooperation and loyal efforts in serving the country, and exerting his capacities, popularity and his singing talents to spread awareness among youth against the use of drugs through the song Darb El Daya3 and in appreciation to his effective contribution for serving the community, whereby he was awarded a special shield and a certificate of appreciation.
    - The artist Hussain Al Jassmi launched a concert in front of more than 80,000 people that were crowded in Fadaa Al Nahdaa theater in Rabat, the capital of Morocco. The audience gathered to meet Hussain Al Jassmi in his 6th episode of Mawazeen Festival of 2011 World Rythms that was considered by the organizers one of the most beautiful concerts for this year, especially when he launched the song Ma tqisesh Biladi that he wrote and tuned by himself for the Moroccan people.
    - Al Jassmi was invited to hold a charity concert in the city of Marakesh on Sunday, May 29th, 2011 for the sake of the souls of the victims of the terrorist attack and in support of their families. This incident that took place in Arkaneh caf in the same city on April 28th, 2011 that was organized by the cultural organization in Morocco. His participation is considered a representation on behalf of all Arab artists being the only artist among them.
    Stardom Everywhere
    Hussain Al Jassmis presence was always distinctive. He has appeared in some of the national operettas in UAE such as Fi Al Kalb Zayed and Um El Emirate operetta and Zayed Ghars operetta.
    He was brilliant in his appearances outside the country in festivals of the national independence day of Bahrain and "Al-Mahabba" Festival in Cairo and the Festival of Damascus, the Capital of Arab Culture, in addition to national festivals in Kuwait, Oman and KSA.
    Hussain Al-Jassmi has been chosen for several awards for his achievements. Some are:
    - First position for video clip Bawadaak inVideo clip festival 2003
    - Best Gulf Artist in Oscar Poll in Egypt in 2004-2005
    - Bestowed upon the title of the Ambassador of Song in Audience hearts.
    - Bestowed upon the title Youth Ambassador 2006 by the League of Arab States.
    - For 3 consecutive years, got several title and award from Murex dor; Best Arab singer for year 2005
    In 2006, got 3 awards: Gulf First Artist
    The Most Popular Artist
    Best Arabic Song for his Fakadtek
    Was bestowed upon the title Singer of the Arabs in 2007 and the award of the Best Arabic Son for his W Bahibek Wahashtiny
    He was awarded the Golden Key of Alexandria in a big celebration within the International Alexandria Festival
    Was given the award of Best Musical Work in Egypt Theater for the Song W Bahibek Wahashtiny .
    He was also awarded an appraisal prize as the best Arab artist for his annual works by the ART festival for year 2009.
    His fans bestowed on him the title The Sensitive Artist through he Internet, especially after he launched his song Ana Al Shaki.
    The magazine Zahrat Al Khaleej has honoured him through its 30th anniversary and has awarded him the decoration of the best Arab artist of the year, and has given him the name The Emperor of the Arab song that his fans adored.
    Al Jassmi won an award for the best Arabic song for 2010 for Setta Al Sobh that was granted to him by FM station in the Republic of Egypt.
    Al Jassmi was crowned for the award of the best Tatar singer on behalf of Al Ahram Newspaper during the holly Ramadan month in 2010 for the Ahl Cairo series song that was shown in the same month.
    Everlasting Songs
    Bawadaak and Ma Yeswa are two songs that have been included in the Musical Library in Tunisia as everlasting songs and were effective in the history of the Arabic Songs. Some of his works has been registered in a number of local and Arab musical libraries.
    His appearances on TV are numbered but they are well-planned. He has appeared in some of the best programs on different channels, and he has participated in crowning the first champion of The X Factor on Rotana and appeared in the fourth season of Studio 2M on Channel 2 Morroco.
    Hussain Al Jassmi is a well loved celebrity in the media especially when getting first place in fan clubs in Sayidaty, Zahrat El Khalij, Assada, Laha, and Rotana, and others. His fame is world wide, his news has appeared in Vogue, Gulf News, Time and others.
    Musical Companions
    Hussain Al Jassmi has cooperated with many a poet and composer. He is committed to one lyric per album from the poetry of his Excellence the late Sheik Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, and has already sung from the lyrics of Sheik Hamdan Bin Rashed Al Maktoum Fazza and Sheik Hazza Bin Sultan Al Nahyan.
    Some of the well known names are:
    Ali Al-Kaabi, Hamad bin Soheil Al-Katbi and Ali Al-Khawar, Anwar AL-Mosheeri, Faisal Al-Yami, Mansoor Al-Shadi, Hani Al-Sagheer, Mohamed Al-Shareef, Ibrahim Gomaa, Matlaa Al-Shams, Ahmed El-Marri, Hussein El-Basri, Hasaan El-Abdali, Ayman Bahgat Amar and others.
    The composers he has worked with include Mohamed Abdo, Ali Kanoo, Al-Hassas, Abadi El-Ouwayran, Waleed Fayed, Moussa Mohamed, Ibrahim Gomaa, his brother Fahed Al Jassmi, Fayez Al-Saaeed, Khaled Nasser, Tarek El-Mokbel, Ali Mansoor, Aseel Abo-Bakr, Helmi Bakr, Waleed Saad and others.
    Mayar Abbas, his agent, had a distinctive fingerprint in organizing Al Jassmis successful trip in the music world. In addition to his two brothers, composer Fahed Al Jassmi and Saleh Al Jassmi.
    Funoon Al-Emarat
    In 2008, Hussain Al Jassmi reopened Funoon Al-Emarat, one of the most famous and well established studio in its field, after he bought it and refurbished it with the best equipment to serve his career and the career of other artists in the Arab world.
    His own media office lurks within this company which follows up on the media worldwide.


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