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       George Wassouf

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  • personal information

    full name الأسم: George Ibrahim Al-Khouri جورج ابراهيم الخوري
    assumed name الشهره: George Wassof جورج وسوف
    birth تاريخ الميلاد: December 23rd 1961
    horoscope البرج: Capricorn الجدي
    place: Kafroon, Syria كفرون, سوريا
    nationality الجنسية: Syrian سوري
    work المهنة: Singer مغني
    website الموقع الألكتروني:

    At a very young age surprisingly he has been called at that time Sultan of Singing, or Sultan Al-tarab, tarab is an Arabic word hard for non-Arabian to understand it, but its mean to enthrall the audience with the music. People at that time associated him as being the only one who can provide tarab with his magic and crystal voice that really started very sharp and went into its long time trip revolution.

    In the 1980s, Wassouf entered a new stage in his career when he introduced his first smash hit yalli Taabna Sineen fi Hawaa ( The one whose love tired us for years) and from this point on he started to create his own style, changing his vocals and appearance on every new album. but his songs at the 1990th were the most successful with the albums: kalam el nass, leil el 3ashe9een, lessa el donia b5eir , tabeeb jarra7. till now he has more than 30 albums which always register high records in selling numbers.

    Ever since he was a child in Lebanon everyone loved to hear his songs. But Lebanon had to do without George Wassouf, and many other Lebanese singers and artists for years, as most of them left when the civil war broke out in 1975. Wassouf went to England and made a living by singing the songs of legendary Egyptian singer Umm Kulthum for rich Arabs from the Gulf staying in or visiting London. He was well known at that time as Sultan Al Tarab (the sultan of amusement), a name by which he is still known among his faithful fans.

    Wassouf songs are so popular , even the old songs, people still love so much, such as 7elef el amar, law naweit, el hawa sultan and more since wassouf was able to reach the fame at a very young age, that caused many other singers to be jealous of him, and the prove is the young singers who always try to copy him, his songs and unique style and performance. He could attract millions of fans in a very short period of time and these days his fame includes Australia, Europe, America and Canada because of the successful concerts he sang in all over the world. Georges Wassouf made many tours and concerts around the world , mainly in the Arab world, Europe , the U.S and Australia.

    At age of 41 he is still considered one of the most popular Arabic singers at the world.

    Because of his success and his fame, people heard about him many rumors, about his family, his health and the biggest rumor was in 2001 about George Wassoufs death.. Because of a strange illness he lived three years of sadness and pain, finally he decided to travel to United States to make a surgery, it was the first of its kind in the world, but after five hours in the surgery room god saved his life and he came back to his family and millions of his fans. And the biggest surprise for him was in Beirut airport, he entered to find hundreds of cameras and journalists other than thousands of people who waited for hours to say few words, Welcome back abu-wadee3, the words which he will never forget. That proved to him, how much people love him, how much they were worried about his health.

    Singing according to George wassouf is not a business at all, we can feel that in his songs, his own concerts, and even his fans they are every where and wait for him in the Arab countries and all over the world, and they feel he is a part of their life


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  • حنينك حنيني انينك انيني وعيونك عينيا واحساسي معك برموشي غطيتك وبقلبي غفيتك واعطيتك ايديا ونسيتون معك طلع الهوى يا حبيبي شو تمنيت بوقتها نبقى ...

    Hanank Haneni
    By : Elias Naser

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