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  • Iwan is a well known Lebanese singer who was born on August 17th, 1980 in Lebanon.
    Iwan real name is Mohamed Baaseery, his mother has a nice voice, he has two brothers and one sister.

    Iwan holds a degree in Hotel Management from the Lebanese University. Iwan is currently preparing for his Master in Business Administration (MBA) degree.

    Iwan started by composing music to bassima, fares karam, he also wrote the words of a song for Carol
    Samaha in his early years as an artist.
    Iwan started singing at school and university. After performing his military service, Iwan, wrote the words of his first song (Ouedni wkol Inchallah). Iwan made his first videoclip for this song with Walid Nassef as the director.

    Iwan second hit was (Zanbi Eih) which was composed and written by Iwan himself. Iwan soon signed a contract with Melody Music Production company and released his first album in summer 2004 entitled Albi Sahran.

    Source: www.nogomi.com


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  • Arabic Font بسال روحي حبيبي عليك كل ما اغمض بحلم بيك وانت واحشني ايوه واحشني ادفع عمري وارجع ليك صورتك عايشة فكل مكان والاحزان نفس الاحزان وانت واحشني ا...

    Erga3 Leya
    By : Amir Te3eima

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