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       Pascal Mash3alani

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  • Real name: Pascale Bechara Bachaalani Place of birth: Zalka Horoscope: Aries (March 27th) Childhood: Pascale grew up in Jounieh . Her father passed away before her first birthday. Her mother took care of her with the help of her eldest sister and her brother who has been accompanying her since the beginning of her career. She is mostly grateful to her mother in her success because she is her

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  • Babies for Both Wael & Pascal!
    9/15/2011 5:01:22 PM

    It seems Wael Kfoury really knows how to keep a secret! Although he has done a very good job in hiding the fact that he tied the knot and has gotten married a while ago, he didn't keep that happy news of the birth of his first daughter "Michelle" under wraps! Wael and wife Angela welcomed a baby gir ...


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  • Arabic font انت العمر احلى معاك انت حياتى غير يااجمل ما رات عينى احبك مهما قالوا الغير لانك غير وحبك غير كل شى فيك حبيبى غير تغيب و لا قدرت أنساك ولا اقوى على فرقاك معايا انت هنا وهناك وحدك شاغل التفكير لانك غير وحبك غير كل شي فيك حبيبي غير يلوموني على حبك ولا يدرون عن حبك لو درو عن قربك ولو عاشو معي قربك درو انك حبيبي غير لانك غير وحبك غير كل شي فيك حبيبي غير ...

    Habibi Ghair
    By : Abo faisal

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