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  • Zeezee Adel is an Egyptian singer that rose to fame when she entered the famous Middle Eastern competition Star Academy during its second season. Soon after her elimination she sign a contract with Rotana, the biggest music production company in the Arab World, that included three albums and each having at least three music videos shot and the ability to release singles anytime she would like, as

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    ZeeZee Adel

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  • Download songs from Wa3d 3alya
    Year: (2009)
    Producer: (Rotana)
    Songs: 8
    Videos: 1
  • Download songs from Wahda Tayeba
    Year: (2007)
    Producer: (Rotana)
    Songs: 8
    Videos: 2
  • Download songs from Collection
    Year: Unknown
    Producer: Unknown
    Songs: 8
    Videos: 1
    No Sample

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  • English Font malk beya.. eskot weyak te3īlt feya..dh malksh 5alash kelma 3alya we ylla shof ray7 feen malk beya.. tany mara ana lw sodfa 2beltk..ana shayfa eno mosh moshkeltk feen ray7a we gya mnen dih 7ayaty wana 7ora feya..y3ny malksh b2ad3wa beha mat7l 3any wesm3ha mny..delw2ty aywa 7b3d bgd msh 3īlta l2 alf 3īlta..wana mn emta 3la el 7al dh skta we te3bt 7abeby l2 ylla nafsy.dih 7ayaty mlky msh mlk 7d malk beya 5alas late2oly wla a2olk..3ashan enta 3la b3dk kolk mn aslo matelzmnesh malk beya matsebny fi 7aly we teshof 7alk..sad2ny maba2etsh fadyalk mate3esh we tesbny a3esh
    Arabic Font مالك بيا اسكت و اياك تغلظ فيا و ملك...

    Malak Beyya
    By : Nader Abdallah

  • zizi adel zeze adel zizi 3adel