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       Khaled Selim

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  • Birth He was born in Kuwait on the 6th of November. He have 2 older brothers and one younger sister. He lived in Kuwait till He finished High School, but we used to spend the summer holidays in Egypt. Early Henterest in Music Since He was a little kid, He used to listen to many types of music as his parents are music lovers. He was attracted to each and every type of music: Egyptian oldies, (lik

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  • English Font ma3a ennek 3´ayba 3anny w fe donia b3eeda 3anny A2rab le 7atta menny , w a2rab men ay 2alb B aftekrek w el domoo3 , nazla b tetfey el shomoo3 wala 2ablek enty shoo2 ,wala ba3dek enty 7ob Zay el naharda ana kont as3ad men elnaharda zay el leela de ana edek kanet been edaya lamma et2abelna nesma barda f 2alb warda sallemt ana b roo7y ,7adanteeny b 3eneeky w 7ayat 5oofek 3alaya , w 7ayat 7ozney f 3enaya ana 3omry ma youm neseetek ,3alashan enty ana fe 7ad b nafso esmo ? fe 7ad b yensa esmo ? fe 7ad b yensa roo7o ? Ya 7abeebty ya ana . Masha3rek el ra2ee2a , w 3eyounek el baree2a ma nesethomsh l d2ee2a ,w a7lef lek 100 yemeen wallahy fakerhom ,wallahy sayenhom ,wallahy men 3´eerhom mesh 3aref hab2a meen Zay el naharda ana kont as3ad men elnaharda zay el leela de ana edek kanet been ...

    Zay El Naharda
    By : Mohamed Rahim

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