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       Maher Zain

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  • We fully respect the work spent on this album. The purpose of placing it on the website is to let people get to know Islam better. Please support this album by buying it. Click here

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    Maher Zain

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    Year: (2012)
    Producer: Unknown
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  • Download songs from Thank You Allah
    Year: (2009)
    Producer: Unknown
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    Year: Unknown
    Producer: Unknown
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    I’m about to lose the battle and cross the line
    I’m about to make another mistake
    And even though I try to stay away
    Everything around me keeps dragging me in
    I can’t help thinking to myself
    What if my time would end today, today, today?
    Can I guarantee that I will get another chance
    Before it’s too late, too late, too late

    Forgive me… My heart is so full of regret
    Forgive me… Now is the right time for me to repent, repent, repent..

    Am I out of my mind?
    What did I do? Oh, I feel so bad!
    And every time I try to start all over again
    My shame comes back to haunt me
    I’m trying hard to walk away
    But temptation is surrounding me, surrounding me
    I wish that I could find the strength to change my life

    Forgive Me
    By : Maher Zain & Bara Kherigi

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