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  • Hani Shaker began his musical career at a very early age - learning the piano as a child, when his mother took on the role of agent as well as supervisor of his professional training. After graduation from high school in the early 70s he started to study music at the prestigious Egyptian Conservatoire. Hani scored his first breakthrough hit in his second year of college in December1972 with

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  • Hany Shakers daughter passed away
    6/26/2011 12:52:53 AM

    Daughter of Egyptian singer Hany Shaker, Dina, passed away on the morning of June 22, 2011 in Al Sherouk hospital in Cairo after a long battle with cancer. Dinas family were outside her room when she passed, and broke down in tears upon discovering she was no longer alive. Hany Shaker appeare ...


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  • English Font Lw 7teshar Kol Lyla Zay Manta Wa3dteny Most7el Hat7ab 2dy Ma7ma 2lbk 7abeny Wlw Wa7shtk Mara Wa7da Alf Mara Wa7shteny Kol Kelma Gay T2wl7a 2bl Mnk 2olta7a Kol 7aga Ta7es Bee7a Ba7es Be7a Fe Wat7a 2lby Kan Tay7 Fe Bo3dk W Alsawany B3ed7a Ma7ma Ab3ed B2rdo 2lby Lessa Saybo M3ak Hena Kol La7za Tfwot Fe Bo3dy Teswa 3andy Meet Sana Most7el Htkon Fe Bo3dk 3esht Zay M3yshta7a
    Arabic Font لو هتسهر كل ليله ذى مأنت وعدتنى مستحيل هتحب أدى مهما قلبك حبنى لو وحشتك &...

    Kol Leila
    By : Nasr Al Jeel

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