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    ID: 1847
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    Collection - Ramy Gamal
    Rated 4.9/5 based on 405 reviews

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  • Arabic Font اتفضل امشى روح على قلب غيرى تجرحه مش انا اللى يحب حد وحد يجى يضيعه الاحسن كل واحد فينا يرجع مطرحه ما طلع صح اللى ياما كنت عنك بسمعه بتحب تعيش لنف...

    Etfadal Emshi
    By : Mohamed Atef

  • rami gamal ramy jamal rami jamal


     Track List

    Ramy Gamal


  • Te3raf
  • Bahebak Leh
  • Youm Fora2ak
  • Ya Rab
  • Hobak Meny Wakhedny
  • Fatra Fatet
  • Balad El Hob (High Quality)
  • Interview on 02 Dec 2009
  • Sa2alt 3leik
  • Olt Hansa
  • Ma3mol Hesabo
  • Law Marra Da2et Beek
  • Alby We Hayati (Samo Zeins Song)
  • Lana Bansa (Abdel Fatah El Grinis Song)
  • Matestaghrabsh | Fairouz Arkans Song
  • Kolena Benensa
  • Bahebek Ya Balady | ft Aziz El Shaf3ie
  • Hastanak (Sample)
  • 3ala Haly
  • Ehna Eftara2na
  • Fatet Sana
  • Hakhaf Mn Eh (New Version)
  • Ella Di
  • Bahebek Be Shakl Mokhtalef
  • Ana Ma3zour
  • Al Wasiya
  • Seneen | ft Marwa Nasr
  • Agmal Oum Masreya
  • Hekaya Gamila (Ahmed Magdys Song)
  • Kotr ElGera7
  • Efhmy
  • Fatra Mesh Sahla
  • Makontesh Nawy (ft Amr Diab)
  • Ew3ediny (Upcoming Album)

  • From album: Collection