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       Diana Hadad

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  • Full Name : Diana Joseph Haddad Birth Date : 01 - OCT - 1976 Birth Place : South Lebanon A star who made it to the top from the very beginning, she is an Arabic singer with a beautiful voice and an unbeatable talent. Diana Joseph Haddad was born in a small village called Bsalim in Southern Lebanon on October 1st, 1976. A few years after she was born, Dianas family immigrated to Kuwait fo

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    Collection - Diana Hadad
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  • Arabic Font الله يخليك خفف ظلمك شويه تراني انسانه عندي احساس واتالم صحيح قلبي حبيب وصافي النيه بس انت ظلمك يخلي الصخر يتكلم اكذب اذا قلت ان جروحي عاديه ...

    Allah Yekhalek

  • diana haddad diyana haddad diyana hadad


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    Diana Hadad


  • Maneseytek
  • Sa7bi
  • Ya 3aibo
  • Set El Habayeb (Live)
  • Hediya Mn Rabbena
  • Magnounah
  • Qalat Diana
  • Kelna Fadak
  • Enta Ma3i | ft Carl Wolf (High Quality)
  • Ya Ba3d 3omri
  • Eza Nawi Trouh
  • Amal Hayati
  • Albi Wafi
  • La Fiesta | ft Zad
  • Romio Joliet (Assi )
  • Tareq El M3lmat
  • Tabassam

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