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       Ramy Sabry http://nogomistars.com/437/Ramy-Sabry

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  • Ramy Sabry was born March 13, 1978 in Cairo. Even before graduating, Ramy Sabry already composed songs for famous Egyptian singers such as Amir Moneeb, Sherine Ahmed, Asala Nasry, Fadl Shaker and many others. In 2005, he met Tarek Al-Rian, Producer at Stargate Company, who hired him and produced his albums. Hard worker and perfectionist, Ramy Sabry composes and writes his own songs by

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    Ramy Sabry

    Ramy Sabry - All Albums And Songs On Nogomi
    Ramy Sabry - All Albums And Songs On Nogomi
    Rated 4.5/5 based on 2337 reviews
    4.5 Good Song
    Total Albums: 5
    Total Songs: 91
    Total Videos: 4
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  • Rami Sabri closes Facebook account after criticism
    6/19/2013 9:49:10 PM

    In a step that made him look like a schoolboy crying to his momma about a bully, young singer Rami Sabri has closed his Facebook account after fans relentlessly criticized his continual delays in releasing his third album that’s been two whole years in the making. The Egyptian songster has used ...


     Total Fans: 1036
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  • حآول ديمآ حآول ديمآ حآول ديمآ حآول ديمآ حــآول ديمــآ بأى طريقه تحلى آيآمك .. لــيه تزعـل ع آللى رآح من عـمرك وبكره قدآمك .. محــدش منــهآ وآخــد حـآجـه يآ ســيدى عـديــهـآ .. وحآلـك آرضـى بيــه وآهـو بـكره ربـك يسـآويـهآ .. ومـين فـ آلدنـيآ ديـآ بحـآلـهآ ع طول بيتهنـى معآك مـرة ومـرة علـيك مـآ هى دنـيآ مش جـنة .. يعـنى عشـهآ وآرضـى بيـهآ آضحـك آيـه فـآيـدة تكـشر لـيهآ بجـد آسـمع كـلآمى وآرمـى هموم آلدنـيآ وراك سيبـك م آللـى رآح وعـدى زمـآن دآ كـله بيجـى بقـى بأوآنه ...

    Hawel Dayman

  • ramy sabri rami sabry rami sabri

  • Ahmed Ali Mossa (Lyricist)
    Omar Taher (Lyricist)
    Ahmed Hussein (Composer)
    Tarek Tawakol (Arranger)