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  • Jannat Mahed Mahgoub Birthday : 6th of january 1986 Birth Place: Morrocco official website : www.jannatangels.com Her singing talent was combined with her blood since she was five years old. And unlike the children in her age, Jannat used to listen to Om Kalthom, Adelwhab and others rather than playing with brides as other kids do. Jannat grown up with 2 brothers, she was the sma

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    Hob Emtelak - Jannat
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  • Arabic font الطفلة البريئة المغمضة بقت من النهاردة مش كده بقت واحدة تانية متمردة والفضل ليك الطفلة اللى فيا اتغيرت عقلت وأديها اتشطرت كانت بين ايديك و...

    El Tefla El Baree2a
    By : Nader Abdallah

  • janat ganat gannat


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  • Ana Donyeto
  • Hob Emtelak
  • 3la Fekra
  • Esma3 Kalami
  • El Tefla El Baree2a
  • 3shan Khatro
  • Meen Bey3eesh
  • Dommeni B3younak
  • Lao Merta7a M3ah
  • Gyalak
  • Khait Da3eef

  • From album: Hob Emtelak