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       Kazem El Saher

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  • On September 12th of 1961 in Al-Mousel, Iraq, Kazem Jabbar Ibrahim -AKA Kazem El-Saher- was born into an already large and modest family. Kazems father was in the military forces at the time and when he retired he opened his own small shop for fixing furniture. Kazems creativity was first discovered when he started making his own toys from clay and wire due to the humble financial state of his f

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    Shajarat Zayton - Kazem El Saher
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  • Arabic font نمت .. وحلمت إنك رجعت .. تقولي سامحني.. ظلمتك ، جرحتك سامحني يا عمري .. وحدك تركتك .. بست خدي وبكيت .. و باحضانك غفيت بين ايدك يا عمري .. بردان وْ دِفيـتْ صح...

    Nemt W Hlemt
    By : Nashwa Garar

  • kathem el saher kazem el sahir kathem el sahir


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    Kazem El Saher


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