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  • In 1997, Gassan RAHBANI came up with the idea to form a group of 4 female singers due to the fact that the Arab world lacks to such kind of groups. After a long and hard time searching for the perfect girls, he finally sets his choice on the 4 actual members of the group relying on their talent, musical knowledge and beauty. But thatís not all, their equal down to earth simplicity, th

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    4 Cats

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    Year: (2007)
    Producer: (Rotana)
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  • English Font le7aly bafker fek we bel 3agfa bafker fek we bel layaly ba7lem fek we matez3al ana baradek magro7a we sho ma sar wala sha3`ala betfey el nar we ana we 2alpy we 3a2ly me7tar we kef mayro7 bafker fek bet3rf law 3any 3`ebt senen we ma 7ada be2alpy ba3by 7anen el wa2t medeto ana weyak sa3b yeter we daye3 hawak we men donk ana ma fey 3esh we efra7 ma fe we yemro2 met rabe3 we sef we betbe2a be 2alpy el def Me7tara We Sho Bady 2a2ol kef bawsalk hal sho3or 7anay be7opk mash3`ol law mahma el 3omr yetol... ana 7`ofy enk tede3 meny be el mada el wase3 we arkod we aftesh 2al2ek we yesba2ny el wa2t el sare3...

    Lahaly Bafakar Feek
    By : Ghassan Al Rahbany

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