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  • In 1997, Gassan RAHBANI came up with the idea to form a group of 4 female singers due to the fact that the Arab world lacks to such kind of groups. After a long and hard time searching for the perfect girls, he finally sets his choice on the 4 actual members of the group relying on their talent, musical knowledge and beauty. But thats not all, their equal down to earth simplicity, th

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    4 Cats

    4 Cats - All Albums And Songs On Nogomi
    4 Cats - All Albums And Songs On Nogomi
    Rated 4.3/5 based on 44 reviews
    4.5 Good Song
    Total Albums: 4
    Total Songs: 24
    Total Videos: 4
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     Total Fans: 35
     Superfan: 2


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  • English Font law la wogodk kanet ayamy we saret 7azena bela alwan we enta ely me7a2aly a7lamy meet alf we lon ro7y dayman te3sha2 ro7k we teskon 3ala atraf el 7anen we el nesma betrga3ly lama bashofk te7meny we tanseny el senen Ah Ah Sho merta7en Ah Ah ne7na we 3ash2en ah ah betmro2 senen ah ah sho far7nen we el basma ma betfre2na we hayda el 7op ely merfe2na e3`morny bedk etal3 feya we 7`aly 3yony be3yonk tede3 we nazratk te3sha2ny we tehwany we ta7`dny we teer en kont be2rby aw 3any kont ba3ed kol sho3`la betfkarny bek we nesmh 3otry teskon e7sasy we bash3or enk 2areb kter...

    Ah Sho Mertahin
    By : Ghassan Al Rahbany

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