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       Wael Gassar

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  • This talented artist has been called the Miracle Child ever since he was a youngster. When he was only 8 years old, he appeared on TV and sang Yallee Taebney Seneen Feh Hawak. The young singer was able to capture everyones attention with his soft and soothing voice. But this was only the beginning; from then on more and more fame kept coming Waels way. Now, that the young star knew exactl

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    Meshet Khalas - Wael Gassar
    Rated 4.9/5 based on 405 reviews

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  • Arabic Font English Translation In your step my way in your glance my smile We love each other in two second it looks as we know each other since ten years And you become my whole world Once the moon told me and explain that the love is a moment of happiness The separation is nice and i understand just and longing before meeting And you are running towards me I am not afraid if you run away, if you run away whatever make you far away you will come closer I am not afraid if you run away, if you run away whatever made you far away will get you closer, get you closer It is nothing new that my hearth is quenching and you far away when we should be together you keep a company in my alienation I loved and i don�t need a proof and everything I saw was beautiful Smile in the morning in your whispering and the su...

    Fe Khatwetak Sekety
    By : Nabil Khalaf

  • wael jassar wael jasar wael gasar

  • Nabil Khalaf (Lyricist)
    Walid Saad (Composer)
    Adel Ayesh (Arranger)
    Tooma (Arranger)


     Track List

    Wael Gassar


  • Aesh Ashanak
  • Bahebak Ya Omri
  • El Ayam
  • El Alb Ma3ak
  • Enti
  • Habayt Zaman
  • Hobi El Wahed
  • Meshet Khalas
  • Reddele

  • From album: Meshet Khalas