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  • This talented artist has been called the Miracle Child ever since he was a youngster. When he was only 8 years old, he appeared on TV and sang Yallee Taebney Seneen Feh Hawak. The young singer was able to capture everyones attention with his soft and soothing voice. But this was only the beginning; from then on more and more fame kept coming Waels way. Now, that the young star knew exactl

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  • Wael Gassar finished with religious album for children
    4/19/2011 6:57:44 PM

    Singer Wael Gassar has finished putting his final touches on his second religious album, but this album is not a second part of his first album (Fe Hadret El Mahboob), as it is mainly targeting children. He also said that his new romantic album (Kol Daqiqa shakhsiya) (a character for every single ...


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  • عذوبه عذوبه وداعا للعذوبه وداعا للسهر و الطيش لاقيت اللى تحس بيا
    انا ما الحين من بدرى عشان اصحى على فجري حياتى كلها دغري و بعدها ميه بالميه

    بلا طالعه بلا اصحاب خلاص القلب والله تاب و اصير الحين بايتوتى ابى اقفل علينا الباب
    تدلعنى تدلعن نهار و ليل تسعدنى

    انا سلمتها ايدى و هى حره ى كفايه وجدها حلى ام عيالى يا عيدى
    انا ما الحين من بدرى عشان اصحى على فجري حياتى كلها دغري و بعدها ميه بالميه

    By : Turki Al Shareef

  • wael jassar wael jasar wael gasar

  • Nabil Khalaf (Lyricist)
    Walid Saad (Composer)
    Adel Ayesh (Arranger)
    Tooma (Arranger)