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  • Personal Information full name: Majeda Al Roomi assumed name: Majeda Al Roomi birth: December 13th 1956 horoscope: Sagittarius place: Jounieh, Lebanon nationality Lebanese work: Singer Despite being a devoted believer, Majida is not a religious fanatic; she admires all religions and their respective principles. She always repeats that back in Kfarshima, she used to wake up at da

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  • Habibi Elyly 3ayshny 7obak Elyly Sam3ny 7obak Elyly Ensaany 3a Edyk We Shamsy Toshro2 Mn 3enyk 3andy Betsaawy Hal Kaon Ya Kel El Kaon Habeeby Sho M3na Hal 7ayaa 7elm We Marek Sa3aat El Baa2y mn 3omry Ehdeeek We 3omry La7za Betnadeeek Embar7 We La2ol El Yom Le5rha Habeeeeby Ana Elly Mnak Enta Mnny La La Ma Teb3d 3any Enta Ana Roo7y Ana Enta Elly Sakeny ENta Elly 3arf Eny Elak Wa7dak Baghny Sho Moshta2a Habeby 2ool Kelma Habeeby We A7ky Lel Dena Ya 7oby Enak Ely WeLak Alby Elak mn Abl Ma Kan We Mn Ba3d El Zaman Hal 2alb El 3sh2aan We Sho Ba2olak Kaman Welyly Ghmorny Bejnoon Khaly Elly Makan Ykoon We Tklak Dam3t El 3yoon Enta Ana Roo7y Ana Ba7bak Ana Habeeeby ...

    By : Nizar Kabani & Nahi Najim

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