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  • personal information full name: Latifa Al Arfawy assumed name: Latifa birth: February 14th 1965 horoscope: Aquarius place: Tunisia nationality: Tunisian work: Singer website: Latifa Bent Aleya Al Arfawy, born in Tunisia on February 14th, was from a middle class family. Her real chance to sing came during her preparatory and secondary studies in Al

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  •       Credits
  • Lyricist : Bahaa El Deen Mohamed
  • Composer : Walid Saad
  • Arranger : Medhat Khames
  • ID: 15016
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  • Ana Omry Ma Hansak - Latifa | Download MP3 Song
    Ana Omry Ma Hansak - Latifa | Download MP3 Song
    Rated 4.1/5 based on 37 reviews


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  •        Lyrics
  • Arabic Font أنا عمرى ما هنساك أنا دايماً فاكراك أنا أسمى اللى معاهم وأنت كل الباقى معاك باحلفلك سامعاك وفى بعدك شايفاك لا أنا قلبى بيبعد عن قلبك ولا عينى مفارقاك طيب أنا هنسى أيه طيب أنا هنسى ليه م الأول ولآخر عمرى من قلبى مسامحاك أطمن وأرتاح مش باقية على جراح أنا باقية ع الحب وعمره ماتغير ولا راح مابقولش إنى ملاك أنا فعلاً حباك وبرغم البعد اللى تاعبنى أنا عايشة مصلحاك طيب أنا هنسى أيه طيب أنا هنسى ليه م الأول ولآخر عمرى من قلبى مسامحاك
    English Font ana 3omry mahnsak ana dayman fakrak ana esmy elly m3ahom w enta kol el ba2y m3ak ba7leflk sam3ak w bo3dk shayfak lana 2alby byeb3ed 3an 2albk wla 3eny mefr2ak tab ana hansa eh tab ana hansa leeh mn awel w le a5er 3omry mesam7ak etamen w erta7 msh ba2ya 3ala gera7 ana ba2ya 3al 7ob w 3omro matghyar wla ra7 mab2olsh eny malak ana fe3lan 7abbak w braghm el bo3d elly ta3ebny ana 3aysha mesal7ak tab ana hansa eh tab ana hansa leeh mn awel w le a5er 3omry mesam7ak English Translation I will never forget you. You are always on my mind. My name maybe with them, But the rest of me is with you. I swear I am listening, And even when you are far I can see you. My heart wont distance itself from you, And neither will my eyes. Now tell me, What do you want me to forget? Tell me, Why should I forget? No matter what you have done, I will always forgive you. Put yourself at ease, I dont dwell on pain, I dwell on love and that will never change. Im not saying Im an angel, But I definitely love you. And despite the distance that is killing me, I live reconciled with you.
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