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  • Khaled is the poster boy for the modern form of Algerian desert blues known as Ra. Certainly hes been its most successful modern exponent, the first to find success on the international stage. Born Khalidu Hajji Brahim in Oran, the traditional center of Ra, he was attracted to music from an early age, especially to Ra, which was seen at the time of the music of outcasts, drunks, and prostitu

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    Didi - Cheb Khaled
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  • English Font & Translation Comme si jnexistais pas, As though I did not exist Elle est passe cot de moi, She walked right passed me Sans un regard, reine de Saba. Without a look, Queen of Saba Jai dit : "Aicha, prends : tout est pour toi." I said: "Aicha, take: everything is for you Voici les perles, les bijoux, Here are the pearls, the jewels Aussi lor autour de ton cou, And also the gold around your neck, Les fruits bien mrs au got de miel, The ripest fruits that taste of honey, Ma vie, Aicha, si tu maimes. My life, Aicha, if you love me. Jirai o ton souffle nous mne I will go wherever your breath takes us Dans les pays divoire et dbne. In the countries of ivory and ebony. Jeffacerai tes larmes, tes peines. I will erase your tears, your pain. Rien nest trop beau pour...



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    Cheb Khaled


  • Al Arbi
  • Braya
  • Didi
  • Ghatli
  • Harai Harai
  • Liah
  • Mauvais Sang
  • Ne Men Voulez Pas
  • Raghda
  • Sababy
  • Whrane

  • From album: Didi

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