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  • Shereen Abdel Wahab, also credited as Shereen Ahmed. Born on October 10 in Cairo, Egypt Shereen grew up in a small neighborhood called El Kaleafa, Cairo. Upon graduating with a degree in music, she started her musical career. Shereen’s success begain with the hits song “Ah ya lil”. Her subsequent title “Sabri Alil” and its video emphasized her talent and made her a special-styled Arab artist

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  • English Font 2x elly gara7ny eny ba7ebak wenta ma7abetneesh welly 2atelny eny fi 7odnak wenta ma tekhlesleesh yeb2a ezay ya 7abeeby 3ayezny wafdal ganbak walla ezay ya 7abeeby 3ayezny tany fi 7odnak wenta 3omrak ma7abetny we fi gar7y khaletny 3omrak ma7abetny we fi gar7y khaletny asharlak el layaly sa3ban 3alaya 7aly wana fakra 7oby ghaly atareek ma7abetneesh yally enta kont meny wana kont ma3ak baghany wenta bete2telny tab leeh ma7asetneesh 2x howa 7abeebak elly te7ebo tegra7 albi walla 7abeebak elly ye7ebak tesra2 3omro ya3ny arga3lak wala ashkeelak wala abkeelak yally sa2etny a7zanak wana kont 3alashanak aah sa2etny a7zanak wana kont 3alashanak yabo alb gowa fady yally ma3andaksh mady ezay kan alby rady be alb ma7abeneesh yally enta ...

    Eli Garehny
    By : Naser Mahros

  • sheren abdel rahab sherien shereen abdel wahab sherien abdel wahab sherein