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  • Shereen Abdel Wahab, also credited as Shereen Ahmed. Born on October 10 in Cairo, Egypt Shereen grew up in a small neighborhood called El Kaleafa, Cairo. Upon graduating with a degree in music, she started her musical career. Shereens success begain with the hits song Ah ya lil. Her subsequent title Sabri Alil and its video emphasized her talent and made her a special-styled Arab artist

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    Es2al 3alaya - Shereen
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  • English Font ma betefra7shy gheer le far7ak ma bete7zanshy gheer le gar7ak mabetet3abshy gheer le sal7ak enta 3ayesh leek we bas aah law ab2a zayak enta a3raf afra7 wabky emta kont 3omry ma7ebak enta ya3ny 3omry makont a7es enta eeeeh bet7eb leeh wel 7ob 3andak maysaweesh enta eeeh albak da eeeh beydo2 bas 3ashan te3eesh el 7ayah 3andak mara7el elly gaay zay elly ra7el temshy leeh law lessa fadel 7ad tany mategra7oosh bas we7yat 7oby leek 3omry tany ma hab2a leek kol youm fakarny beek ah ya retny ma3eshtohoosh enta eeeeh bet7eb leeh wel 7ob 3andak maysaweesh enta eeeh albak da eeeh beydo2 bas 3ashan te3eesh heya di bedayet el nehaya harmy kol madeek waraya mosh hatefre2 youm ma3aya mahma 2olt 7abeeby eeh welly 2olto 3aleek we 3edto howa da lly ya...


  • sheren abdel rahab sherien shereen abdel wahab sherien abdel wahab sherein


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  • Es2al 3alaya
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