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       Ramy Ayach

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  • Personal Information full name: Ramy Abu Ayach assumed name: Ramy Ayach رامي عياش birth: August 18th 1979 horoscope: Leo place: Baakleen, Lebanon nationality: Lebanese work المهنة: Singer مغني website: manger: Shadi Abu Ayach He started hummi

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    ID: 19782
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  • Bel3aks - Ramy Ayach | Download MP3 Song
    Bel3aks - Ramy Ayach | Download MP3 Song
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  • English font 2lteeli bet7ebeeni .. w 3a tool mesh r7 tenseene.. sho sar ta 3amelteeni.. bel3aks bel3aks.. bel3aks.. meen 2alk ya 7yate bnsak.. la7za b7yate.. bhawak mali aw2ati.. bel3aks bel3aks.. bel3aks.. eza kan bedek tetsali (ana) w l2eetine.. mawdoo3 w abl.. dali b3eede 3ani dali.. (laa) la tradini.. la mesh abl.. badek te3tzri mni.. (wallah) edam le 2alo 3ani.. ma3rour.. (eh ma3rour) ta yshoufo 2eni.. bel3aks bel3aks.. bel3aks.. awl mara b7es b2albi.. 3m youja3ni albk 2asi.. msh 7ases feye w bi 7obi.. fekri shilak mn e7sasi.. eza r7 teb2a bhal 7ale.. ma feek tesh3or bi 7ale.. la sho teb2a bi bale.. bel3aks bel3aks.. bel3aks.. w7yat 3younek enti.. l7yat ma3naha enti.. ma b3eesh mn dounek enti.. bel3aks bel3aks.. bel3aks.. w7yat 3younak enta.. l7yat ma3naha enta.. ma b3eesh mn dounak enta.. bel3aks bel3aks.. bel3aks.. bel3aks.. bel3aks.. bel3aks.. (x2)
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