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  • Diana karazon is an Arab artist born in Kuwait, in 1983. She grew up in Jordan. Her family is of mixed Palestinian and Jordanian ancestry. Since she was a child, she started singing. At the age of 6 years old, she performed her first song in public. It was the song ‘Ya ayyuha al meleko’ dedicated to the Jordanian King Hussein. Later on, she started to participate in different musical

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    Diana Karazon

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  • English Font (Chorus:) Ensani ma bensak Ensani ma bensak Ma bez3al mennak ya 7abeeby la2enni bahwak 7abbaitak bejnoun la2ennak 7anoun trekny be3younak ya 7abeeby ma 3eshe2et lawlak (Rook:) La inta bettoub, wala alby beytoub, ana wallah maktoub 3alaye eb2a ana weyak meel bremshak meel , bemshy meeyet meel, lail elhawa taweel ya 7abeeby we alby beyetmannak (Verse1) lamma 3an 3ainy betgheeb, shamsak ya 7abeeby betgheeb, We beye7melny be7odno elgheir, yakhedney 3ablad elghein we bseer b3alam ghareib x 2 (Chorus) (Rook) (Verse2) 3atoul be2alby mawjood, 7obbak khalla 3omry weroud, mshait behal kawn eldawwar we 7malt be2alby asrar bontor ya 7abeeby lat3oud x 2 ...

    Ensani Ma Binsak

  • diana karzon